Full Washed arabica coffee from rwanda

Now, All cooperative members can send their children to school

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About Misozi Coffee and Our History

The Misozi coffee cooperatives are spread across the lush mountains of Rwanda. MISOZI is cooperative-owned company that support 5 cooperatives in value chain. It was created with IFAD support This is the very rooftop of Africa, the watershed between the two great rivers, the Nile and the Congo, extending from the natural forests of the south to the volcanoes of the north. Each place and people has their own character and beauty, and from each cooperative comes a distinctive coffee of the highest quality. Misozi coffee are grown on the slopes of high altitude mountains ranging from 1500 to 2200 meters above sea level with an ambient temperature varying from 17 to 23 degrees centigrade.The climate, altitude and volcanic soils allow the predominantly Bourbon-variety coffee cherries to mature slowly, giving a good sized bean that is rich in flavor and aroma. Ripe cherries are picked in the early hours of the morning. They are then immediately

  • Rwanda is blessed with particularly good coffee-growing conditions: high altitude, volcanic soil and plenty of sun.

  • We work with 5 cooperatives located around to the country

  • All Cooperative members can send their children to school

  • It's the women who are most involved in their households-"when u help their whole family"

KOPAKAMA is an abbreviation of ˝Koperative y’Abahinzi ba Kawa ba Mabanza˝, which means “Coffee growers cooperative of Mabanza”. This was founded by small scale coffee growers of Ex-Mabanza Commune located in Western Province, Rutsiro District. The KOPAKAMA coffee cooperative was created on October

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