Found in the shadows of the northern volcanoes of the Northern Province the famous home of Mountain Gorillas, The farmers say “Our coffee grows up in the sky

The coffee is in conversion to organic and is known for its exceptional cup profile. Fair-trade certified, the cooperative boasts of a membership of 1900 small holder farmers and has the capacity of producing up to 1000MT of fine exportable fully washed coffee.

1.1.1 VISION

Offering one of the best beans in Rwanda, Rushashi cooperative is best known for pioneering the organic conversion programme in the country that is expected to have their first crop on the market by the year 2016 and is also known to have a special group of women in charge of coffee beans selection and processing.

This special coffee lot fetches special premiums with extra incomesthat support these women in welfare activities developing their families. Its excellent management and quality control has earned it a prize of goodperformance from the Cup of Excellence competition